Which Of The Following Sentences Uses Correct Subject-Verb Agreement

Students demonstrate their competence in the use of subject-verb agreements. 1 Which sentence uses the correct subject-verb match? One. Each of the symptoms of dyslexia occurs in both boys and girls. B. Each of the symptoms of dyslexia occurs in both boys and girls. C. Several symptoms of dyslexia occur in both boys and girls. D. Several of the symptoms of dyslexia have appeared in both boys and girls. Here are three telephone directories; maybe one of them has the right phone number.

9 Write the correct verb. 1. Many foreigners (are, are) able to speak the language. 2.The dog (barking, barking). 3. Babies (crying, crying). 4. Most apples (are, are) pressed.

5.Ni the dog or the cat (run, run) very fast. 6. They talk too much. Holland, Michigan, a city with tulip fields, is a magnificent sight. In ancient Egypt, a preserved body wrapped in bandages was called a mummy. There are magazines on the shelf, and you can borrow any of them. Ellie Jo, Mary Jo and Martha Jo make the best apple pie in town. At the back of the bus is a box or bag with old clothes. Thorough studies of the new drug must be conducted. 8 The singular number and plural depend on the noun in the sentence that follows All (girls) attend the marriage.

Most of the (stains) do not come out of the shirt. All More Most None Some 4 Special Noun Collective Name – a name that acts as a unit, even if it consists of several members. (group, family, crew, committee, class, public, etc.) These names are treated as SINGULAR names: Examples: The band plays their set in front of a screaming crowd. The committee discusses taxes before leaving for the day. The father asked, ”Does the evening news at 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. .m.” The ship`s crew members eat two hours before the shift starts. The girl with the big sunglasses is funny and cute. A good cook with the right equipment facilitates the diced vent of an onion. Some of the dog`s behavioral problems, such as digging, only affect the dog`s owner. In the long queue at the water well were two students who were about to go to class. The bus driver takes care to check the road for dangers.

The Italian painters of the seventeenth century were known for an emotional and direct style of painting. Many dogs, including last year`s grand prize winner, were helped by the rules. Constantly barking over long periods of time is a sign that something is wrong. Paintings of childhood scenes often make Mrs. Harper desire her three children. 5 Singular pronouns – he, she, it plural – she Regularly: he, she, it (singular), she (plural) He goes to the mall. You go to the mall. She goes to the mall. He goes to the mall. Anyone who eats candy has the potential to have cavities.

One of the finalists, Mary Kilgore, became a famous movie star. 3 1.Decide whether the subject is SINGULAR or PLURAL or not. 2. The verb MUST match in number. Remember: S ingular S-ubjects take singular verses!*** sLydia screams as she walks down the hallway. The dog begs for the treat. The latest research on dog behavior proves that it is important to establish clear rules. 10 TO EARN POINTS TODAY: Fill out the spreadsheet as a group. The point values can be found below. Missed 0: 10 missed points 1: 8 missed points 2: 6 missed points 3: 4 missed points 4: 2 missed points 5+: 1 point Two hundred people on Vancouver Island are called Smith. Harriet or her parents volunteer at the local pantry every Saturday. 6 Indefinite pronouns – words that replace nouns without specifying the noun they replace – They can be plural or singular plural Few people like to read.

Walter and Sam, members of the Teen Beat Club, host meetings on Monday nights. .

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