Undp Letter Of Agreement

For clarification, please write to vijay.thapliyal@undp.org www.in.undp.org/content/dam/india/docs/procurement/UNDP%20General%20Conditions%20for%20Individual%20Contracts.pdf The following documents can be viewed via the link: Click on ”REGISTER JOB” to save this job description for later. NOTE: This is a new advertisement. Those who have already applied for the previous event do NOT need appy again. Publish a job and immediately reach more than 500,000 top talent. Under the guidance of the Communications Specialist and UNDP, and in close coordination with the communications team, the Consultant: UndP Communications Unit requires the services of a digital media consultant to strengthen UNDP`s communication capacity, including the development of a digital media strategy and implementation plan, the development of social media packages for relevant international days and other important priorities – fully with Botsch the organization of robust digital campaigns, graphics and multimedia content, the development of new partnerships to strengthen UNDP`s digital reach, referencing for UNDP websites and video production. Documents to be submitted:Interested individual advisers must provide the following documents/information to prove their qualifications. Please gather them in a single (1) PDF document, as the application only allows the download of a single document:. Since 1951, UNDP has been working in India in almost all areas of human development, from systems and institutional strengthening to inclusive growth and sustainable livelihoods, sustainable energy, environment and resilience. On the basis of the cumulative evaluation methodology (technical + financial), the various consultants are evaluated as follows: payment terms: payments are made for the actual days during which, as agreed, the activities have been satisfactorily carried out.

No payment is made for public holidays and, where applicable, holidays taken. – Three-month social media calendar, complete with campaign ideas (in line with the Office`s priorities), partnerships and important visibility opportunities Interviews can be conducted as part of the technical evaluation. Only candidates who score at least 49 points (70% of the total technical points) are considered technically responsive and qualify for the financial assessment. Sign up for free to save this work for later….

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