Turism De Agreement

PARALELA 45 TURISM SRL, with registered office in Bucharest, Bdul Queen Elizabeth, No. 29-31, Sector 5, postal code 050012, tel. 0374.45.45.45; Fax: 021.312.27.74; e-mail: secretariat@paralela45.ro, www.paralela45.ro, tax registration code RO6505940, registered in the commercial register under number J40/21621/1994, holder of travel debt n° 523/10.01.2019 for the tourist office PARALELA 45, represented by Burcea Alinlin-Nicolae – Administrator, as organizer 8.1. In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 2/2018 and Decision 156/2019 of the Ministry of Tourism, the traveller shall be responsible for the reimbursement of the sums he has paid in respect of package travel in the event of the insolvency of the organising travel agent and in the context of the related travel arrangements within the meaning of Article 3, point 16, by DG No 2/2018, in so far as the organiser facilitates the associated travel services, to the insurance company OMNIASIG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP, based in Bucharest, Alley Alexandru No 51 Sector 1, tel. 0214057420, fax 0213114490. The insolvency protection insurance policies of the tour operator are: 3.8. The tour operator shall not have the right to require the tour operator to pay the last payment more than five days before the date on which it transmits to the tour operator the travel documents on the basis of which the traveller may make the travel services acquired. 6.1.2 The nullity/penalty conditions referred to in Article 6.1.1. are standard and apply in all cases, except those where the program used / confirmed has its own rules of cancellation / penalty (see conditions of the tourist offer or program – examples: New Year`s programs, individual tourism, domestic tourism, cruises, exotic destinations, German TUI tour and booking systems, etc.).

In addition to the penalties mentioned above, the traveler also bears any costs (e.g. visa fees.B. visa fees) if they are not included in the value of the contract. 2.1. Since the processing of a reservation consists in placing an order in advance on the Agency`s website, this contract comes into force with the final confirmation of the reservation. The confirmation of the availability of an order on the site Does not present a reservation. The order becomes a fixed reservation from the date of payment of a minimum or full advance and is subject to the payment and penalty terms for the order, even if it is only at the processing stage, the terms of this contract being also in force. After transmitting the claim of final reservation by the means agreed with the tourist (e.g. B e-mail, fax), the amount paid is fully refunded or other variants are offered if the provider is unable to confirm the reservation. 2.2. The contract shall be concluded, where appropriate, in one of the following cases: (a) at the time of signature or of the purchase order which is part of the contract by the tour operator, or by the acceptance of the contractual conditions for tourist services, including those acquired at a distance by electronic means.

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