Coastal Gaslink Agreements

A spokesman for Coastal GasLink said in an email that the company could not comment on any of the documents provided to CBC News because the project agreements between the company and each First Nation would be confidential. TLU protocol agreements will be signed with First Nations groups along the pipeline route prior to the commencement of TLU studies. Agreements are important and may contain guidelines for the exchange of sensitive information, an overview of the area of investigation and other details on how we will cooperate. Coastal GasLink often promotes the fact that it has signed agreements with the selected management of 20 First Nations along the proposed pipeline route, as evidence of support for its project. Natural Gas Benefits Agreements are agreements between the government and the First Nations that are part of the B.C. The Government`s comprehensive approach to partnering with First Nations on liquefied natural gas (LNG) opportunities, which also includes the development of training and environmental responsibility projects with First Nations. The province has also signed its own performance agreements with 17 First Nations related to the pipeline project. A provincial spokesman said that as of today, 15 of these agreements are in force. The 20 project agreements signed reflect the fact that many First Nations support responsible development and growth that translates into real opportunities. TLU agreements are an important part of developing our relationship with a First Nations community. They lay the foundation for the completion of TLU studies conducted by the First Nations Community and which may involve their selected third parties. The following 16 First Nations are members of the FNLP and have been associated with Province B.C.


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